Working With the Calendar on a Tablet

Locate the calendar using the sidebar icon that resembles a clock.

Creating a new appointment

To create a new appointment from the calendar section, follow these steps:

  • Tap the plus action button at the top right of the calendar screen.
  • Tap the date of desired appointment from the calendar. Use the left or right arrows to transition between months.
  • The resulting day will show times already blocked off in another color. Tap the blocked out slots to see what’s scheduled there.
  • Enter the patient the appointment is for. (You can begin entering this information, and then select from the autocomplete list.
  • If you entered a patient’s name, you’ll have the option to notify the patient that the appointment has been created. To see which address the notification email will be send to, tap the information icon next to “Notify patient.”
  • Tap “Add New Appointment” to add the appointment to your calendar.

Subscribing to a calendar

Subscribing to a calendar means you’re consenting to sync that calendar with your Apple iCal, or Microsoft Outlook calendar. When an event is added to one of these calendars, they’ll sync with your calendar application, or any other calendar application that supports the .ics format. You may unsubscribe at any time – see below for specific instructions.

  • Tap the drop down labeled “Select calendars” near the top of your calendar screen.
  • You’ll see a list of all the available calendars you can either view on your device, or subscribe to.
  • Tap the calendars you want to subscribe to, and then click “Subscribe.”
  • Confirm on the resulting pop up that you’d like to subscribe, and then choose be done, or to view the events of the calendar you’ve just subscribed to.

Unsubscribing from a calendar

If you’re using iCal, you can unsubscribe by following these steps on your iPad:

  • In Settings tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Tap on Subscribed Calendars to see your subscriptions.
  • Tap on the subscribed calendar you wish to delete.
  • Tap on the Delete Account button at the bottom on the display.
  • Tap on the Delete button of the confirmation popup.
  • The subscribed calendar is deleted and should no longer appear in the iPad Calendar calendars list.

Viewing select calendars

To choose which calendars to view, tap the drop down labeled “Select calendars” near the top of your calendar screen. Tap a calendar from the resulting list to either add it, or remove it from your view. If there is an “x” next to the calendar, that means it’s currently being shown – tapping the “x” will remove it.

Switching between calendar views

If you’d like to view the entire month, just a certain week, or even a specific day, you can do so by tapping the appropriate view button in the upper right corner of the calendar screen. Go back to the current day anytime by tapping “today” in the upper left corner of the calendar screen.

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