SMS Fax Notifications

You can elect to send an SMS notification that a fax has been sent in a couple scenarios:

Prescription Faxes

When sending a prescription to a pharmacy, you can choose to notify the patient using the mobile phone number listed in their chart. When viewing the prescription, you’ll notice a “fax” button in the upper right corner. Selecting that gives you several customization options, including which pharmacy to send the prescription to, whether to send a PDF version of the prescription to your patient via email, and whether to send a notification text that the fax has been sent. Check the appropriate boxes, enter a note to the pharmacist if you wish, and click “Fax.”

Custom Faxes

You can also notify your patient via SMS that a custom fax has been sent, and the process is similar to prescription faxes. When viewing the patient’s chart, click the plus sign icon in the upper right corner, and then choose the Fax icon. You’ll be able to fill out the details there; this is also where you check the box to notify the patient via SMS. The text they’ll receive will be something to this effect: “Dr. Oz sent a fax for Jane Doe to XYZ Lab Company.”

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