Shorter Patient Enrollment Form

You can allow your patients to fill out an abbreviated signup form when joining your clinic as a patient. This one-page enrollment form skips the rather extensive patient health data that allows you to collect. 

The form will collect only the most basic information for you to be able to collect payment, contact, and add them into your clinic. You will be able to add the demographics at a later time. Clinics who choose this option want to decrease the friction for new patients onboarding into the clinic. 

Set Up

Beneath your account settings scroll to the section labeled “Patient Enrollment Form.” Click “View and Update Settings.”

Within the modal window that pops up, towards the top, check the option for “Offer short enrollment option.”

In Use

When a new patient accesses your enrollment form, they will see a simplified version of the form that asks for only the most basic information. 

During that patient’s first visit, you can fill out the missing demographics data in the sidebar on the patient chart. 

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