Prescribing and dispensing medication using gives you a lot of flexibility and control when tailoring your prescription and refill process. QR Refills provide added versatility by allowing patients to request refills without having to contact a doctor or clinic first.

When dispensing medication, Atlas generates a dispensing label that can then be printed and attached to medication bottles. If QR Refills have been enabled, the label will also include a QR code containing all of the information relating to the prescription. Once a patient’s medication runs out, they can request a refill of that medication simply by scanning the QR code with their smartphone.

During a refill request, the patient can also add comments and provide further information to the practice or doctor handling the refill.

Enabling and Disabling QR Refills

Depending on how you prefer to handle dispensing and refills, you can easily enable or disable QR Refills. To do this, head to Prescriptions > Refills. Click on the cog icon in the upper right corner of the page, then click “Refill Settings.”

Check or uncheck the box to enable or disable QR Refills.

From this menu, you can also give patients the option to decide how they would like to receive their refill. To do this, check the box next to, “Allow Patients to Select a Delivery Method.”

Once enabled, patients will now have the option to either pick up the refill in person, or have the refill shipped to them.

Once you’re happy with your settings, click “Save Settings.”

Managing Refills

Once the QR code of a label has been scanned, you will receive an email as well as an in-app notification asking you to approve or dismiss the prescription refill request.

You can see and manage all prescription refills and requests from the Refill Management page. To get there either follow the link in the email or head to Prescriptions > Refills. Select the gear icon on the right of the screen and click on “Refill requests.”

Here you can see the list of all current refill requests with pertinent information such as the date the request was made, the drug, type, and details of the patient.

To approve the request, hover over a request and click on the share button on the right of the screen. Click “Prescribe Again”, scroll down, then select “Add Prescription.” Otherwise, click “Dismiss.”

If the original prescription has been deleted the refill request can’t be approved. In this case, the only option available is to dismiss the request and start with a new prescription manually.

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