Point-of-Sale Billing

The Atlas.md EMR adapts to how its customers operate their clinics – one of the many great liberties the Direct Care business model allows us to take!

Point-of-Sale Billing has been integrated with Subscription-Based Billing, which means clinics can now more easily charge patients at the time of service if they choose.

With this integration, you’ll notice several details which will improve our day-to-day billing process:

  • Clear payment and misc. charges processes, which means you can add a payment at the same time you add a misc. charge.
  • The ability to freely move items between invoices, allowing clinics to maintain complete control over when to charge for incidentals and easily fix any mistakes they make.
  • Payment receipts include the specific items the patient paid for. This is especially helpful in cases where the patient is paying for one specific item out of many on an invoice.

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