You can track Non-NDC items in your inventory. The following article explains the categories, and how to track them within your account.

There are two categories for non-NDC inventory items.

  • Non-FDA pills and support items, such as: vitamins, supplements, homeopathy meds, syringes, etc. For these, you can dispense them right from the prescription page so they’re treated like a regular medication.
  • Random items clinics may sell: fitness tracking devices (have 1 or 2 doctors that told us they’re selling these to their patients), gloves, healthcare books, etc. For these, you can sell them from the patient’s billing page through the new Sell Inventory Item. The sale goes right in your patient’s invoice (and you get the option to apply it to the current invoice if you want)

What This Means For You

Here’s what you can expect to see in the inventory section of your account:

  • When adding a new inventory item, you’ll choose between an NDC item or a Non-NDC item. Non-NDC items have primarily the same fields as Non-NDC, however their uniqueness is kept through the SKU number (rather than NDC).
  • To the above point, Atlas will alert you if you’ve entered a non-NDC item with a SKU that’s already in your inventory. In the form of a friendly notice about which other items are in your stock with that same SKU, we’ll help you easily review (and avoid!) mistakes made by conflicting SKUs.
  • You can filter your inventory page to view each category individually, giving you a better idea of what you have.
  • In addition to the usual FDA-approved medications, you can also track other random items in your inventory, including tracking and selling supplements, vitamins or even fitness tracking devices.
  • You can search for non-NDC items by SKU by entering the SKU in the search field.
  • To edit the manufacturer of items in your inventory, simply click the pencil icon to the right of the item.

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