How do I account for sales tax on non-NDC items?

The sales tax regulations and requirements are different in varying states. doesn’t apply separate tax logic based on those states, so you’ll need to use the sales markup to add-on the sales tax to your items. If you need additional reports for your end of year process, we can work something out with you specifically; just drop us an email about your needs!

What if a product I enter doesn’t have a SKU number?

The SKU field is required, but you can enter anything that helps you keep track of your stock in that field; no need for a barcode reader. We recommend using the same code the manufacturer uses in order to keep grouping of items properly organized in the system. For example: if you buy a specific fitness tracker on different days, but they’re the same thing, using the same SKU would allow you to count both in the same inventory pool and offer easier selling and dispensing. We can simplify processes for your practice this way. But it’s optional, so again – you can enter whatever works for you in the SKU field.

What if I enter a non-NDC item that already has a SKU?

Atlas will keep an eye out for non-NDC item entered with a SKU that’s already in your inventory. In the form of a friendly notice about which other items are in your stock with that same SKU, we’ll help you easily review (and avoid!) mistakes made by conflicting SKUs.

What if a product doesn’t have an expiration date?

You may leave the expiration field empty, as it’s not required.

How can I enter a free product into inventory?

You may add any Cost/item and Price/item to inventory you prefer; the markup is just a tool to help you in the common cases of calculating your profit markup. It is perfectly acceptable to enter “0” in the Cost/item field, but “10” in the Price/item field, for example.

How does the markup tool work?

The markup tool is an optional helper and works exactly the same as for the NDC medication. It’s a way for you to calculate the profits for the items you’re selling and dispensing (example: you paid $10 for the item, but your patients are going to be paying you $11 for it). You can just enter zero if you don’t want to calculate anything there (then it won’t have any effect on the form values).

Can I search my non-NDC inventory by SKU?

Yes! You can type the SKU into the search box to find your item.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.