How Can I Review Requested Labs?

You can review labs requested for a patient at any time by going to the patient’s chart. There are a couple ways to access lab information from there.

Activity Stream

You can browse the activity stream on the patient’s main page, and take note of any items with the labs icon next to them. That’s the triangular beaker. Click on “view details” to see a detailed overview of the lab request. In this associated article, you can read more about the process of requesting labs.

The Sidebar Icon

Clicking the beaker icon from your sidebar takes you to the labs page for your patient. This clears out all activity from the stream, leaving only activity regarding labs. Similar to the main activity stream, you can click “View details” to be taken to the detailed overview of the lab request.

Result Notification

When a new lab result is ready for review, the requesting user will receive an email notification.

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