How Are Overdue Payments Calculated?

Overdue payment dates are calculated based on the amount of time that has elapsed since the last full payment was made toward the patient’s outstanding balance. Any outstanding balance older than 30 days is considered overdue.

If a patient has auto charge set up, their bills will be paid automatically every month using the payment method they have on file. If there happens to be an overdue payment, it is likely due to a credit or debit card being declined. Learn more about declined payments here.

If there is an outstanding balance listed, auto-charge will attempt to collect the entire outstanding balance rather than a smaller amount within the balance.

Where To Find Overdue Payments

The overdue billing pages will provide you with a list of overdue patients or companies.

These pages will also provide the following information:

  • The number of days that the patient’s balance or company’s balance has been overdue.
  • The overdue balance that remains.

These pages can be accessed by following the steps below:

  • For patients: Billing > Patients > cog menu > Overdue Patients
  • For companies: Billing > Companies > cog menu > Overdue Companies
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