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How do I register a new user in Rcopia?

To register a new user, the physician in charge (or someone with administrative access) needs to send a registration request to DrFirst from Atlas.

You can do this by going to Account > Settings > 3rd Party Integrations > DrFirst Rcopia. Click on the “Update” button and you’ll be presented with the same e-Rx registration form that was filled out initially when registering e-Rx users. Add the details of the nurse you would like to give provider agent privileges to and then send the request.

What is a provider agent?

A provider agent is someone who has been authorized to send or prescribe scripts on behalf of a doctor or physician. Currently, only nurses have the authority to become a provider agent.

The default permissions for a nurse within DrFirst allow them to write prescriptions for providers. However, they can’t sign or submit prescriptions to pharmacies or approve prescription renewal requests. Only the provider can sign and submit prescriptions to the pharmacy, and so nurses have to be given provider agent privileges manually in order to be able to do this.

How do I register a nurse as a provider agent?

To register a nurse a provider agent, you will first have to register a new user. Once the registration request has been sent to DrFirst and the user is registered with Atlas, you will need to enable provider agent privileges in Rcopia. To do this, follow the step-by-step instructions in this guide.

What is a stop date and how do I set one?

Rcopia allows you to control the date at which a prescription ends. This is called the stop date. Users can set a stop date each time a new prescription is created. Simply check the box next to “Stop Medication on:” and select the date you would like the prescription to end.

There is also a location-wide option that determines how that field behaves, and lets you automatically set the stop date based on the duration of the prescription. This can be changed from Settings > Location > Prescriptions > “Auto-set medication stop date based on prescription duration”. Select yes or no in the drop-down box and then click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Why am I receiving an auditable event alert?

Sometimes you may receive an email containing an Auditable Event Alert.
This is a routine alert to let you know that a change to the Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) setup has occurred – for example, during the registration process, when the office administrator changes the EPCS grant status of a physician from inactive to active or vice versa.

The purpose of this alert is to notify the user and provide them with an opportunity to review the change and ensure that it’s an expected action and not connected to any possible compromise in their account.

What is an auditable event alert report?

An Auditable Event Alert Report is a collection of all Auditable Event Alerts that allows you to review the details of any and all alerts. You can view the Auditable Event Alert Report from the top toolbar on the Logical Access Control (LAC) screen.

How do I favorite a prescription?

Doctors who specialize likely find themselves prescribing the same medication to certain patients on a regular basis. To save time and prevent them from having to fill out prescriptions over and over again, these doctors can favorite these prescriptions. This allows them to save the exact amount of a certain medication prescribed to a patient and quickly prescribe it again at a later date.

To favorite a prescription, head over to the Prescription Management page and simply click on the star to the right of the prescription you want to favorite. That prescription will now be saved and you will be able to quickly prescribe it in the future.

How do I reset my signature password?

Please review our detailed article about Rcopia Passwords.

How do I reset my signing passphrase?

Please review our detailed article about Rcopia Passwords.

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