Chart Drafts Center

If you get pulled away in the middle of writing a patient note – take your time coming back to finish it. Atlas will automatically save a draft of your note so it’s ready when you are. Did you leave the note on your laptop, but want to finish it from your tablet? No problem.

Where to Find Your Drafts

If you’ve left a note unfinished, either on purpose or because your attention was neededChart-Draft.gif elsewhere, you can find a copy of your draft in the Tasks section of your profile. At the top of the Tasks page, you’ll see a link displaying how many drafts you currently have. Click the link to view more details. Select the draft you wish to address. From there, you can choose to continue your draft, delete the draft, or close it. If you close it, the draft will remain in your drafts section.

Cross Platform Compatible

Your day goes where it takes you, so the idea that you might start a note on your laptop but want to finish it on your tablet or phone is not unheard of. Atlas has you covered – start your note from one device and finish it from another!

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.