Can My Patients List Multiple Credit Cards?


Multiple Credit Cards.jpgThe ability to have multiple credit cards on file affects credit card management in the main part of the EMR, the online bill pay pages (which are accessible directly by patients), and the Patient App.

Patients can store an unlimited number of credit cards on file, which means you (and they) can choose which one is used when a manual payment is added.

Tip! Did you know will send an automatic message to patients when their cc is about to expire? Get the details here.

Each card entered will have the option to be auto-charged, which means any card with the auto-charge feature enabled will attempt to be charged on the specified day. will simply try one card at a time until the payment goes through. Essentially, your patient can enter a primary card, and backup payment options if they so choose. (But please note, we’ll never auto-charge a card even if it’s marked as eligible if the patient doesn’t have the auto-charge option enabled.)

Tip! Learn more about how outstanding balances are collected here.

Same Goes for Companies!

One more thing! You can also store multiple credit cards for companies.

To do so:

  • Select Companies from the billing dropdown
  • Select the company you’re adding the credit card to
  • Find the Credit Card section
  • Click the plus sign icon to add multiple cards
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