lets you generate referrals using AI that you can send to specialist doctors for consultations and second opinions.

To generate a referral using AI:

  • Head to the patient’s chart
  • Click the AI button in the upper right corner, then select AI Referral
  • On the resulting pop-up, enter the specialty in the designated field –’s autocompleter will start suggesting specialists as you type
  • Next, enter the primary concern of the referral. If you leave this field empty, the AI will assume a primary concern based on the information available.
  • Once you’re happy with your selection, click Generate AI Referral
  • will then analyze all available data on your patient’s chart and put together a referral including your patient’s basic information, medical history, medication, and reason for referral
  • At this point you can edit or remove any part of the referral before you send it off
  • Once you’re happy with the referral, you can choose to either fax it to the specialist or copy it to your clipboard to send it via another method such as email

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