’s macro-autocompleter lets you set macros and search for existing conditions and ICD-10 codes.

While this is already a powerful tool, you can also use macros powered by AI to save time and enhance your note-taking.

Let’s take a look at the available AI macros:

Find Possible ICD-10 Codes

Find Possible ICD-10 Codes searches the content of the note you’re writing for any possible ICD-10 codes and compiles a list of results in the same note.

To use this macro, type “#AI” when writing a note, then click Find Possible ICD-10 Codes. will do the rest.

Once you save the note, any ICD-10 codes you add will become links that allow you to search for other patients with the diagnoses.

Suggest Differential Diagnoses

Suggest Differential Diagnoses analyzes the content of the note you’re writing to suggest possible conditions or diagnoses. 

To use this macro, type “#ai” when writing a note, then click Suggest Differential Diagnoses. will compile a list of results in the note that you’re working on. Since all of this is text-based, you can add, edit, or remove any of the content that generates.

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