As a DPC provider, you want to be available for your patients any way that’s convenient for them. That includes via outbound video call. As long as your patient consents to non-secure methods of communication, you can correspond with them using video chat! Get a clearer picture of your patient’s needs from far away, providing quality care just as if you were in the same room.

How to Place an Outbound Video Call

To initiate a video call, click “Video Call Patient” from the patient’s profile. Next, you’ll be asked for an email address to send the video invitation to; if this address is different than what’s listed in your patient’s chart, enter it here. A status box will alert you when the patient has responded (it’s important to keep that box open until they do!).

When the patient accepts the invitation, you’ll confirm you’re ready for them to join the call, at which point you’ll be connected.

Will Video Call Information Be Stored?

Each video call will be noted in the patient’s chart, just like phone calls. You’ll see something like, “Video call duration: 5 minutes” in the activity steam. The actual content of the video call won’t be recorded (just like the phone calls aren’t recorded) for privacy purposes.

Can I Accept an Incoming Video Call?

No. Patients cannot request to video chat with you through Atlas – only you can initiate video calls with them.

Can I Use Video Calls on My Mobile Devices?

No. At this time, video calls are only supported on desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

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