Tracking Conversion Rates for the Enrollment Form

If you use analytics tools to track your practice’s website activity, you’re probably also interested in understanding your site’s enrollment form conversion rate. How many patients complete it? Send this article to your developer so they can help put the right code in the right place to begin tracking these conversions.

For Developers

In the last step of the enrollment process, when we display the “thank you” note to the patient, we’ll use the window.postMessage() method do broadcast the fact that the enrollment was completed to the parent window of the enrollment form iframe. The exact message is represented by an object with a single property called “event” which has the “signup” value, like this:


The iframe parent window (i.e.: your website) can listen for dispatched events like the one above, as the method of broadcasting it works cross origin. You can learn more about the details of using this by referencing this site.

We’d like to highlight the possible security issues explained in the above article. Pay special attention if you wish to implement listening for dispatched events such as the one we describe in this article.


If your developer has questions about how this works, or where to find these stats in your analytics tool, shoot a note to We’ll do our very best to help out!

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