Service Fees

Service Fees

Service fees are meant to be used for those extra services your clinic offers above and beyond the subscription fee you might charge. Or if you’re running a fee for service style clinic without a subscription, you can also use this feature to manage your billing.

Setting Up Service Fees

To set up a service fee on your account, first click “Billing” from the top menu. Then in the menu select “Service Fees.”

You can add a new service fee by clicking the “Add” button at the top right. Fill in the name of the service and the price of the service. Click to save your changes, and you’re all set.

Editing and deleting service charges works like every other feature in Atlas. Hover over the service fee entry on a desktop (on mobile the icons are already visible) and click the pencil icon, or the trash can icon to either edit, or delete your entry.

Editing or deleting an entry will not remove or edit any charges previously placed on patient invoices. Your changes will only affect future invoices.

Using Service Fees

Service fees can be added from the “Billing” section underneath a patient record. Click the “Billing” icon on the left toolbar on any patient record.

When you click “Add Misc Charge” in the top submenu, you’ll see the “Add Charge” screen display. From here you can add either misc charges, or you can choose to add one or more of your preconfigured service fees from the “Charge Type” dropdown.

If you would like to apply these service fees to the current invoice, select that checkbox.

When you have all the charges added as you like, click “Add Charge” and all of the charges you’ve selected will appear immediately on the patient “Billing History” section.

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