Patient Invoice Breakdown

Being able to explain to your patients how billing works goes a long way toward fostering a great patient-doctor relationship. They want to know they can trust you to fill in any blanks and answer any questions they may have about what they’re being charged for. We hope the invoice is self-explanatory, but in the event your patients do have questions, here’s a breakdown of each element on their invoice.

1. The clinic issuing the invoice.
2. The month the invoice is due and amount due.
3. Who the invoice is being issued to.
4. The family member for whom the charge accrued.
5. A description of why the charge exists.
6. The date the charge took place.
7. The amount of the charge.
8. The amount (outside of monthly fees) that accrued over the previous month.
9. Dates, circumstances, and payment type of any payment applied.
10. The total amount paid combined with any previous balance equals the total balance due.

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