Mismatched Quest Results

Sometimes a lab result comes back not matching a patient in your existing database. That doesn’t necessarily mean the patient doesn’t exist in your database, and is more likely the cause of a misspelled name or incorrectly entered date of birth somewhere along the line.

When this happens, Atlas.md can’t assign the result to a specific patient, so the result can be found in the doctor’s Files Inbox. If a doctor can’t be inferred from the information sent by Quest, the results will be sent to the clinic’s account owner. We’ll also send an email to the doctor (or clinic account owner if necessary) to inform them of the mismatch. The email will provide a link directly to the Files Inbox where the results can be found.

Once you’ve accessed the results in your Files Inbox, you can download them and assign them to the correct patient. Always a good idea to double check the spelling and DOB of the patient to avoid future mismatches.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.