How to Make Your Signature and Company Logo Visible on Faxed Scripts

Atlas allows you to add your signature and company logo to faxed scripts to maintain your brand continuity throughout every facet of your business.

Adding Your Company Logo

To add your company’s logo, head to Account > Settings > Logo and Images > Update Files. From there, upload your company logo in the first field. To account for your logo being used in multiple formats, it’s best to upload alternative file formats, which you can do using the other two fields. Doing so will help make sure your logo appears clean and crisp when used on printed labels, invoice PDFs and prints.

Adding Your Signature Image

To add your signature image, head to your homepage Dashboard and click on your avatar icon on the sidebar. The sidebar that pops up is your user profile. From here click on Edit Profile. Scroll down to your signature image – it’s the last field on that form. Then upload the image file of your signature and save the changes.

In both cases, the standard web formats (PNG, JPEG and GIF) are supported.

Once you’ve uploaded the image files to your profile, all the medications you prescribe from now on will feature both your company’s logo and signature.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.