How to Edit the Enrollment Confirmation Email Content

When someone new enrolls with your clinic using the online enrollment feature, automatically sends them a welcome email. It’s the first bit of correspondence they’ll receive after officially becoming a patient.

You can edit the default content by clicking “Settings” from the “Account” dropdown. From there, scroll down to the “Patient Enrollment Form” section, and click the “View and Update Settings” button on the right.

When editing the content of the welcome email, keep in mind you can use [patientname] and [clinicname] to automatically implement personalization settings.

Enrolling a Patient Manually? That’s Fine, Too.

You can still send the welcome email even if you’re enrolling a patient manually. At the end of the enrollment process, you’ll notice a checkbox (which will be automatically checked, by the way) for “Send welcome email.” Just make sure it’s checked (or unchecked, if you prefer!) and complete the enrollment process as usual.

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