How Does SMS Forwarding Work?

When you receive an SMS text from, the message will come with a URL containing a simple interface that you can access to answer it. The app acts an an intermediary;you can use it as a means of communication, but can maintain your privacy by turning off this feature when you need to.

As a sidenote, you can’t actually answer the SMS from your phone’s SMS interface. It works like this: patient sends an SMS to your number —> grabs the message and forwards it to your mobile, including a URL —> you click the URL and chat through that interface with the patient. All this can be done from your mobile, or any other device. It gives you the freedom to begin a conversation at your desk and pick it up later from your mobile – all the while tracking correspondence and tagging the conversation to the patient’s profile in

You can begin an SMS conversation from inside using the SMS interface. When the patient responds, the message will be forwarded to your mobile device, where you can click the URL provided and continue the conversation. Or vice versa!

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