How Can I Update My Atlas Phone Information? makes it really easy to be perpetually available, but still maintain your privacy. In order to route phone calls, the app acts as an intermediary for your private phone numbers. Patients don’t see your contact info, that way you can turn off availability, or transfer it on vacations etc. Just give them your Atlas number, and you get all the flexibility.

You can update your phone information from the Phone Services page from your settings panel, accessible from the sidebar. Here are the pieces of information you can add/edit by clicking in the associated box.

Number the app will call: Every time you call a patient from the app, you’ll be connected through this phone number.

Forward SMS messages to: Every SMS that your patients send you will be forwarded to this number so you can both chat.

Forward calls to (office hours): All calls made to your Atlas phone number Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm will be forwarded to this number.

Forward calls to (rest): All calls made outside of the office hours (described above) to your Atlas phone number will be forwarded to this number.

Caller ID: All calls made from the app will have this caller ID. It can be either your real phone number or your phone number. Please note that we can only track incoming calls if they’re made to your number.

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