How Can I Manage Billing Reports?

Billing reports can be accessed from the “Reports” dropdown in the Billing section. Here, you can get a general overview of billing happenings, or view detailed breakdowns during specific timeframes. Here are the types of reports you have access to:

  • Outstanding Balance: See how much revenue you have yet to be paid on.
  • Overdue Balance: Keep tabs on where any overdue balances are originating.
  • Active Patients: Make sure your billing numbers match up with the number of active patients you have and keep track of your clinic’s growth!
  • Payments: See how your payments are coming in: bank draft, check, credit card, cash, or another method?
  • Charges by Category: What is driving your income? Subscriptions, labs, prescriptions, or shipping?
  • Monthly Subscriptions: Monitor your recurring income.
  • Charges per Doctor: View charges of each doctor in the clinic.
  • Charges per Location: View charges of each location.
  • Labs Billing Report: See a breakdown of all labs ordered within a selected date range. (Read more here.)
  • Posting Report
  • Lab Charges Report

There is a Billing History Report that is now available in the cog menu on the Billing Reports page. This report includes charges and payments, and is meant to be the “overview of everything” report.


The Payments report is also available in the Cog Wheel on the Billing Reports page. This report will show a complete list of all payments that you have received, with details about source, date, amounts and more.

Full Report of Charges per Doctor

This detailed report will break down each doctor in the clinic’s charges into the following categories: subscriptions, labs, prescriptions, misc, shipping and total charges.

Date Ranges for Reports

For detailed earnings, monthly subscriptions, and charges per doctor, you can view the reports through several different time frame options. Use the buttons below the overview report to view your desired timeframe.

A Note on Update Frequency

The information in the Billing Reports page is updated once every night.

Detailed Payout Exports

There are two reports that can be found in Clinic Billing > Bank Transfers.

1. Export to CSV: This is a simple report that just lists the clinic’s payouts and the fees involved.
2. Export to CSV (Detailed): This report includes a break down for all payments that have been accepted with the associated fees. The payments are grouped by the payouts they belong to.

Note: This is only available for payments from August 2017 onwards due to technical details.

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