How Can I Archive or Unarchive a Patient?

Archiving a Patient

When you no longer treat a patient, you can archive their chart by clicking “Archive Patient” option, which is available from the settings menu in the patient chart.

Their information will no longer appear in your stream, nor will they be billed on a monthly basis. You have three options for how to handle any outstanding balances on a patient you’re archiving.

  • Keep the balance active. (this option keeps the balance open, and you may continue to attempt payment processing against the balance.)
  • Write off the balance.
  • Send the patient to collections.

As you archive a patient who is part of a family, you’ll also have the option to archive the other family members in the same step.

Unarchiving a Patient

You can un-archive a patient by electing to do so from the list of archived patients. Select “unarchive this patient” and click save. As you un-archive the patient, you’ll also have the option to re-instate their monthly subscription in the same step.

Deleting a Patient Record

It is impossible to delete a patient record for legal reasons. Rather than delete a patient record, we recommend you archive it. Archived patients are noted as such in search, so you always know if you’re looking at an active record, or an archived one.

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