Growth Charts

Utilize growth charts in the Vitals & Stats section of the EMR to chart your patients’ growth.

If you have vitals entered for the patient (height, weight, BMI, etc) it will be projected onto a Growth Chart in the Vitals & Stats section of the patient’s chart. The points will be plotted on a chart using percentiles from the CDC. You can filter this information several ways, too!

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 5.55.57 PM.png

Plotted Points and Information Filtering

Hover over the plotted points to see height and weight for any specific point on the graph. Select any part of the graph (select vertically or horizontally) to zoom in for more detailed information.

Double click anywhere on the graph, or click the magnifying glass with the minus sign to zoom back out and start again.

You can also filter this information according to the filtering options in the dropdown menu in the upper right corner.

Enter Past Information

Now you can enter past data on a patient, which is extra helpful in situations where you want to register the full weight and height history for babies, for example.

In the Vitals and Stats section, select the “Details” button on the growth chart. From there, hover over a row of data, and select the “edit” icon on the right. From there you can edit the date the information was entered to reflect past data.

Print and Email Growth Chart Sheets

You’ll find buttons to easily print/email useful growth chart sheets. These printouts contain the chart, plus the table with a breakdown of the datasets for deeper and more precise analysis. Clicking the arrow button next to the search button on the growth chart will present you with the print and email options.


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