Fitness and Health Devices That Work With

The fitness tracker industry is a booming business, and the market is saturated with countless fitness devices all offering the best when it comes to tracking performance metrics. Because offers fitness device integration, we put together the following list of devices that work seamlessly with both products.

After purchasing any of the following devices, patients can immediately start uploading their metrics to This not only provides the patient with fitness-related information, but it helps their doctor make better and more informed health decisions.

The following list is not exhaustive. If you have a specific device that you would like to use in your clinic, please contact support and we’ll do our best to integrate it.

Fitness Devices

BodyTrace Scale BodyTrace Scale.png
Fitbit Flex FITBIT FLEX.jpg
Fitbit One FITBIT ONE.jpg
Withings Pulse WITHINGS PULSE.jpg
Withings Scale WHITINGS SCALE.jpg
iHealth Activity Tracker iHEALTH ACTIVITY TRACKER.jpg
Fitbit Aria Scale FITBIT AREA SCALE.jpg
Fitbug Wow Scale FITBIT WOW SCALE.jpg
iHealth Scale Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.53.33 AM.png
iHealth Pulse Oximeter IHEALTH PULSE OXIMETER.jpg
Fitbug Orb FITBUG ORB.jpg
Lumo Back LUMO BACK.jpg
Omron OMRON.jpg
iHealth BP Monitor IHEALTH BP MONITOR.jpg
Withings BP Monitor WHITINGS BP MONITOR.jpg
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