Enrollment Fees

Enrollment fees are charges you add to a patient record at the time of patient account creation.

Configuring Enrollment Fees for Your Account

To set up your enrollment fees for your clinic, select the “Account” section available in the top menu. Choose “Settings” from the menu.

Scroll to the “Extra Charges” section on the “Settings” page. Enter your amount in the blank titled “Enrollment fee,” click “Update Charges” and your enrollment fees are all set.

Using Enrollment Fees

Enrollment fees have a separate billing category and have full company coverage support, so companies can decide exactly how they want to cover for their employees.

When you create a new patient in Atlas, you fill out several screens worth of patient data. On the first screen of the process, there is a checkbox to charge the enrollment fee. It will be configured with the amount you previously set up in your account settings.

Check that box, and you’re all set on the enrollment fees front. The charges will be added to the patient invoice automatically. You’ll also be able to see enrollment fees broken out on your billing reports section.

If a patient fills out their own account details, the charge will be automatically added to their invoice.

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