Creating Macros-on-Macros for Lab Results Data

Macros are text shortcuts that allow you to pull up often-used data quickly when making notes.

LOINC is a universal code system used to reference lab observations.

By integrating the two (creating a macro of LOINC codes and embedding those into a text macro), you can create a macro that references a patient’s recent, up-to-date lab observations.

To do this, you have to edit a macro to include a second macro:

  • Head to Account > Macros from the top navigation.
  • Select the custom macro that you would like to edit using the edit button on the right.
  • Under “Macro Replacement Content”, enter the LOINC codes you would like to reference. For example “#loinc13457-7” is used for LDL-Cholesterol observations.
  • Once you’re happy with your macro edits, click “Save Macro”.
  • The autocompleter will then automatically reference the observations from your patient’s lab results whenever the macro is used.

Most-Used LOINC Codes

Below you can find a list of the most-used LOINC codes.

LOINC Code LOINC Description Common Name
704-7 Basophils # Bld Auto Absolute Basophils
711-2 Eosinophil # Bld Auto Absolute Eosinophils
731-0 Lymphocytes # Bld Auto Absolute Lymphocytes
742-7 Monocytes # Bld Auto Absolute Monocytes
751-8 Neutrophils # Bld Auto Absolute Neutrophils
1751-7 Albumin SerPl-mCnc Albumin
1759-0 Albumin/Glob SerPl Albumin/Globulin Ratio
6768-6 ALP SerPl-cCnc Alkaline Phosphatase
1742-6 ALT SerPl-cCnc ALT
1920-8 AST SerPl-cCnc AST
706-2 Basophils/leuk NFr Bld Auto Basophils
1975-2 Bilirub SerPl-mCnc Bilirubin, Total
3094-0 Urea nitrogen BUN
3097-3 Urea nitrogen/Creatinine BUN/Creatinine Ratio
17861-6  Calcium SerPl-mCnc Calcium
2028-9 CO2 SerPl-sCnc Carbon Dioxide
2075-0 Chloride Chloride
2093-3 Cholesterol Cholesterol, Total
2160-0 Creatinine Creatinine
98979-8 Glomerular filtration rate/1.73 sq M.predicted eGFR
88293-6 Glomerular filtration rate/1.73 sq M.predicted.bla eGFR If Africn Am
88294-4 Glomerular filtration rate/1.73 sq M.predicted.non eGFR If NonAfricn Am
713-8 Eosinophil/leuk NFr Bld Auto Eosinophils
10834-0 Globulin Ser Calc-mCnc Globulin
2345-7 Glucose Glucose
2085-9 HDL HDL Cholesterol
4544-3 Hct VFr Bld Auto Hematocrit
718-7 Hgb Bld-mCnc Hemoglobin
4548-4 HbA1c MFr Bld Hemoglobin A1C
13457-7 LDL LDL Chol Calc (NIH)
736-9 Lymphocytes/leuk NFr Bld Auto Lymphocytes
785-6 MCH RBC Qn Auto MCH
786-4 MCHC RBC Auto-mCnc MCHC
787-2 MCV RBC Auto MCV
5905-5 Monocytes/leuk NFr Bld Auto Monocytes
776-5 PMV Bld Rees-Ecker MPV
770-8 Neutrophils/leuk NFr Bld Auto Neutrophils
43396-1 NonHDLc SerPl-mCnc Non Hdl Cholesterol
777-3 Platelet # Bld Auto Platelet Count
2823-3 Potassium Potassium
2885-2 Prot SerPl-mCnc Protein, Total
788-0 RDW RBC Auto-Rto RDW
789-8 RBC # Bld Auto Red Blood Cell Count
2951-2 Sodium  Sodium
9830-1 HDL T. Chol/HDL Ratio
2571-8 Triglyceride Triglycerides
3016-3 TSH SerPl-aCnc TSH
11580-8 Thyrotropin TSH; Thyrotropin
13458-5 VLDL VLDL Cholesterol Cal
6690-2 WBC # Bld Auto  White Blood Cell Count
2857-1 PSA SerPl-mCnc PSA, Total
2132-9 Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) Vitamin B12
1989-3 25(OH)D3 SerPl-mCnc Vitamin D, 25-OH, Total, IA
62292-8 Calcidiol+ercalcidiol Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy
2986-8 Testost SerPl-mCnc Testosterone
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