Community Forms

Community Forms allows you to share forms with the community, review forms others have shared, and copy them to your account for reference and use.

You’ll find a full list of shared forms on the Community Forms page. You can find it by heading to Account > Forms, then clicking “Community Forms” in the upper right corner.

Sharing a Form

To share a form with the community:

  • Head to Account > Forms
  • Select the form in question
  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner
  • Select Share with the Community
  • Give your form a title and description and optionally include it in a share category
  • If you’d like to share the contact anonymously, then check the box that says “Keep my name private on the Community Contacts page”.
  • Finally click Share Form with the Community

Adding a Form

If you’d like to add a form to your account, simply head to the Community Forms page, select the form in question, then click Copy to My Account. Once it’s been added to your account, you can use this form just like any other.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email and we'll do our best to help.