Billing Posting Reports

The Billing Posting Report provides a detailed breakdown of vital financial status information for accounting purposes. Included in the report is visibility to payment status so accountants know whether the payment is still being processed, or has already cleared.

You’ll find the Billing Posting Report from the Billing drop down. Just go to Billing > Reports > Settings Cog Wheel in the upper right corner.

The report shows the patient MRN* or company name, the amount of the payment made, processing status (split between two columns for clarity), the type of payment, and the date. From the settings cog menu in the upper right corner, you can filter the report to a specific timeframe. Also from the settings cog menu, you can export this data to a CSV file, which is readable by Excel.

* We show patient MRNs in lieu of names so the information is kept private while remaining perfectly shareable with 3rd party accountants.

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