Appointment Statuses

You can change the status of current and new appointments by heading to your calendar, selecting the appointment, then clicking Change Status.

Appointments have five possible statuses:

  • Scheduled (the default for new entries)
  • Checked In (when the patient showed up for the appointment)
  • Checked Out (when the patient left the appointment)
  • Canceled (if the patient canceled the appointment beforehand)
  • No-show (if the patient didn’t show up at all)

Once you’ve given an appointment a status, it will be displayed on the calendar with an icon that lets you¬†know the appointment’s status at a glance.

If you change the status to canceled or no-show, you’ll have to provide a reason. Once you change the status to canceled, reminders will no longer be sent to the patients about the appointment.

This feature is completely optional. If you find that this doesn’t suit your workflow and you choose not to use it, nothing in your appointment-making process will change.

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