Deciding to Transition to Direct Care

Here we’ll go through the scenarios you’re likely facing as you enter, or continue through the healthcare field. While some of you may be feeling

frustration in your current position, there are many positive signs that Direct Care is right for you. Either way, if Direct Care is calling your name then it’s worth investigating.

Existing practitioners

If you’re currently working in a traditional healthcare setting, you might experience things like endless stacks of paperwork, pressure to shuffle patients in and out the door at warp speed, and claim after infuriating insurance claim. Or worse, you might be one of 50% of internists experiencing burnout before age 35.

It’s not all bad, and maybe you’ve gotten used to the daily grind. But if you’ve ever thought that there must be something better out there, or felt despair that the career you once loved so much ended up in disappointment, there is good news in Direct Care. The DPC business model offers freedom of schedule, a lighter patient load which allows you to spend more time on each patient, and complete control over your practice. Enticing, yes?


On the flip side, it’s possible you haven’t been subjected to any of the above yet. If you’re still in school or are in your residency, you have the option to avoid it altogether. Starting your own Direct Care clinic gives you satisfaction and job fulfillment right out of the gate without having to want to quit your profession before you even begin. But, do your homework. Talk to those who have gone before you. See what’s worked and what hasn’t. You’re in the right place to kick things off!

What's next?

If you’ve made the decision to find out more about Direct Care, we’d like to congratulate you on your profound ability to cut through red tape and demand better for the healthcare industry. Now it’s time for the nitty gritty. Can you afford it? What does it take to start a DPC clinic from scratch? What does it take to transition to DPC from a traditional practice? Go ahead, read on.