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We want your Direct Care practice to be wildly successful. We mean that. Why are we so passionate about your business? Because we know what the spread of Direct Care means for the healthcare industry, and it’s something we work toward every single day. Better, more proactive patient care, doctors and providers who love their jobs again, and no interference from third parties who only hinder that care. The truth is, when you succeed, we all win.

So whether you’re transitioning from a traditional practice or starting from scratch, you probably have some questions. We’re here to help you and we don’t believe you should have to pay for doing your homework. That’s why we offer all our consulting (and everything that comes with it) for free. Zero cost to you. After all, you’re already doing the work of starting your DPC practice – you shouldn’t be penalized for doing it right. Reach out to us anytime at, or call 316-260-6454 to speak with us directly.

You didn’t go to medical school to fill out paperwork

So skip the drama, and use these templates and examples as a guide to help navigate your journey to Direct Care. You’ll receive a billing tutorial, flow chart examples, sample marketing materials, inventory tips, medicare opt-out forms, clinic checklists, information on how to run an in-house pharmacy, sample letters for transitioning patients, exclusive labs pricing, patient enrollment forms, website recommendations, and much more.

Or, pick and choose what you need

IRS Code Section 213(d) Eligible Medical Expenses
An eligible expense is defined as those expenses paid for care as described in Section 213 (d) of the Internal Revenue Code. In this document are two lists which may help determine whether an expense is eligible.
Download the medical expenses file. >

Medicare Opt Out Agreement – Appendix 2
This agreement between you and your patients is intended to be the contract physicians are required to have with Medicare beneficiaries when physicians opt-out of Medicare.
Download the agreement here. > EMR Billing Overview
Why deal with third party billing companies when you could be handling it all in-house? This billing tutorial shows you how it’s done through the EMR, but the principles can be applied no matter what EMR you’re using.
Down the complete billing tutorial outline here. >

Sample Rx Inventory
Get an idea of what your inventory could look like when you run your own in-house pharmacy. This spreadsheet includes drug names, manufacturers, and even pricing.
Download the spreadsheet here. >

Quest Labs Pricing
Negotiating prices can be tricky, unless you know what to ask for. In order to get the best prices for your patients, have the right tools in your toolbox to make your negotiation as smooth as possible.
Download Atlas’ Quest pricing here. >

Additional Quest Quotes
Here’s what we’ve been quoted for certain tests. If it helps you – fantastic! At the very least you’ll know what to expect as you work with Quest on your patients’ labs.
Read our Quest quotes here. >

Automatic Credit Card Billing Authorization
To automatically charge patients using a credit card kept on file, they’ll need to sign an authorization form. You can find an example of that form here to get you started.
Download the authorization form here. >

Dymo Printing Instructions
When printing labels, we’ve found the Dymo printer to be most effective. Here are some instructions to help guide you through printer setup and installation.
Click here to download instructions for a PC.
And here are the instructions for a Mac. >

Imaging Master Fee Schedule (Local Resource)
It’s helpful to get an idea for imaging fees in your area. If you’re in Greater Wichita, these will definitely be of use to you as you build relationships around your Direct Care clinic.
Download the imaging fees spreadsheet here. >
Here is some additional Direct Care imaging information. >

Sample Conversion Letters
Transitioning to Direct Care means you either need to generate brand new patients, or bring your existing patients with you. If you’re approaching your existing patients, here are some conversion letters that have worked for other DPC docs.
Read conversion letter #1. >
Check out this one, too. >

Sample Patient History Form
Creating patient histories from scratch is no easy feat. Use ours to get you started. It’s a great foundation, and then you can adjust yours to fit your clinic specifically.
View our sample patient history form here. >

Release of Records Form
This is another great foundational form to have on file with your patients; get all their previous medical information to input into your new chart. It’s optional, but still helpful.
Get the release of records here. >

Patient Enrollment Form
This form isn’t necessary if your patients are enrolling online, but in case you’re doing it by hand, this form comes in handy. Feel free to use it to build your own enrollment form.
View the patient enrollment form here. >

Corporate Enrollment Form
Use this form to enroll companies if they’re not enrolling online. Feel free to use it to build your own company enrollment form!
Download the corporate enrollment form here. >
And here’s the editable version! >

X-Ray Fees (Atlas Cost and Patient Cost)
Total transparency on what x-rays cost us, and what we charge our patients for them. As you can see, the mark-up is minimal because we’re getting such a great deal in the first place.
Download the x-ray fees spreadsheet here. >

Patient Survey
Use this survey to gauge the interest of potential patients in your DPC practice. The knowledge you glean from this survey could provide valuable insight as to what patients in your area are looking for so you can tailor your practice to their needs.
Get the survey here. >

Press Release Template for your Grand Opening
Is your practice about to open its doors? Alert the media! Here’s a sample press release you can use as a template. Just change a bit of info here and there and send it to your local media outlets.
Download your sample press release here. >

Patient Agreement
You can use our agreement as a guide for your own if you’d like! If you’re using the EMR, this agreement can be uploaded directly do your account so your patients can access it.
Download our sample patient agreement here. >