Making the Transition: Approaching Patients About Your Decision to Switch to DPC

Face to face

You see your patients every day, so why not take advantage of every opportunity to talk to them face to face? It’s certainly an option. Although keep in mind since you’re probably on a tight schedule during the day, you may not have time to go into all the details of your transition plan. Develop an “elevator pitch.” It’s short and sweet, and delivers just the right amount of information. Then, you can supplement the information with a letter containing more information, or a brochure you’ve put together with all the details. Add in an invitation to talk more about it, and boom – you’ve effectively introduced the DPC transition idea to your patients.

Atlas-Blog25.png Here’s an idea for a quick elevator pitch to get your creativity flowing:

“I don’t want to take up much of your time, but your time is something I’m hoping to have a lot more of in the future. I’m aiming to switch from a traditional healthcare practice to a Direct Care practice – which means I’ll be able to provide more personalized healthcare. I’d love to continue your care at my new practice if that’s something you’re interested in. There’s a lot more to talk about, but I’ll send you a letter soon to explain everything in more detail.”

What's next?

You’re making great strides toward opening the doors of your Direct Care clinic. Keep going! Next in line is learning how to tell your patients about all the value you have to offer them. That means through your print pieces, business cards, website, and each and every single conversation you have with patients. Next up is learning how to market your Direct Care practice.