Vulnerability disclosure policy

At Atlas, we take security, privacy, and data protection very seriously. We strive to always do our utmost to keep our users’ data secure and free from exploitation at all times. That being said we appreciate what security researchers do when it comes to discovering vulnerabilities in systems and encourage their work with regards to making the internet a safer, more secure space. If you discover a vulnerability within our site or product please don’t hesitate to let us know using the guidelines below.

Guidelines for disclosure

• If you have discovered a security vulnerability within our site or app that could adversely affect Atlas users please let us know immediately. We’ll do our best to find, troubleshoot and solve the problem as quickly as we can.
• Please send all potential security vulnerabilities to and provide full details of the vulnerability as well as the way in which you discovered it.
• Avoid any infringements of privacy, mishandling of data, or violations of our terms of service.
• We encourage you to work closely with us on rectifying these vulnerabilities before disclosing them to the public or third-parties.

We really appreciate the work and effort of security researchers in helping make Atlas as secure as it can possibly be.