Natural growth is the best kind of growth

Atlas is perfectly poised to grow right alongside you. Whether you’re adding a new team member or a new location, the transition will be smooth and seamless. Grow a little, or grow a lot; but never worry that you’ll outgrow Atlas.

Add a new team member

Add a New Team Member

Bring in a new doc, a nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, nurse, staff member, or even a pharmacist. Make sure your team has the access it needs to serve your patients best.

Add a new location

Adding a new location means more than opening new doors. It means a new team, new workflow, new patients, and even new inventories to keep track of. When you add a new location, Atlas builds in the capability to do all those things from a single account. Your EMR shouldn’t be a sticking point to your practice’s growth.

Manage Inventory for Multiple Locations

Manage inventory for multiple locations

Write a prescription and choose from which location’s inventory you’re dispensing. Keeping track of your inventory has never been easier.

Doctor and Patient Location Flexibility

Doctor and patient location flexibility

If you want to give your patients freedom to choose between your multiple locations based on what’s most convenient for them at the time, Atlas has your back. Patients and doctors aren’t tied to one location, so you can serve them well no matter where they are. Or where you are.

  • Customize billing reports

    The billing reports you can pull for your practice break things down so simply for an accountant that it wouldn’t matter how many providers are contributing. The reports show the patient’s MRN or company name (for privacy), the amount of the payment made, processing status, the type of payment and the date. You can also filter to show a specific timeframe, and export to a CSV file anytime you need. We’ve thought ahead for you!

    Customize Billing Reports
  • Security in all shapes and sizes

    We never cut corners when it comes to security, which is why we remind customers to change their password regularly. We even offer the option of two-step authentication when logging in. This assures your patient information is kept private should your device be stolen or lost – no matter how many practitioners or locations are on the clock.

    Security in All Shapes and Sizes
  • View who did what, when

    You can see who ordered labs (and for whom, if applicable). You can see who entered a note for which patient. You can also see who edited a note and when… which proves accountability is always a core value of the EMR – no matter how many users are on your account.

    View Who Did What, When
  • Flexible phone services

    Whether you have two or ten practitioners on your account, they can all have their own phone number through the EMR. There’s no limit to the amount of accessibility you wish to provide your patients!

    Flexible Phone Services
  • Assign tasks

    The ability to assign tasks to others makes it possible to communicate cross platform, cross patient, or even cross location. Task assignment coupled with notification reminders ensures you’re not letting anything slip through the cracks. Find a workflow that fits your team, not a team that fits your workflow.

    Assign Tasks
  • Customize calendars

    Your calendar view can display just your appointments, the appointments for the entire practice, or any combination of the two. This flexibility gives you complete control over what happens within your practice walls.

    Customize Calendars

Focus on your practice. Not paperwork.

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