Launch your practice…prepared

We’ve always allowed you to try for free for 30 days, but now we’re extending that offer so you can benefit from for free until you open your practice.

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  • Get an EMR that lives in your browser – no fancy software. No confusing interfaces. This is an intuitive EMR that makes client communication, billing, tracking, ordering, and filing possible so that you can make all better possible.
  • Communicate where your clients are – You can tweet, email, call, or text your clients right from That means you’ll be able to communicate with your clients as soon as they need you.
  • Make managing your practice possible – With, you can request, file, and ship prescriptions, you can bill your patients directly, set up automatic appointment reminders, manage your clinic’s schedule with an easy-to-use syncable calendar, and keep track of patient records.
  • Pre-enroll before your launch – Pre-enroll patients before your launch so that, when you open your doors, you’ll have patient data and scheduling information in place.
  • Organize before launch – Get used to scheduling, tracking, or communicating with patients before the big day.
  • Lowest billing rates in the industry – Accept automated payments, credit card payments, and ACH payments. No 3rd party needed.
  • Health Device capabilities – sync up with your patients’ health wearables so you can explore your patients’ daily activities with one click.

Sign up for a free trial and then email with your planned launch date. We’ll get you set up so that you can get settled before you launch.