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Marketing to employers

Does anyone use power point presentations or do you just go in and talk to folks and explain the service and what it provides?


  • I think it's just whatever you're most comfortable with. Here are some great talking points we use a lot at Atlas that could help regardless of the format of your presentation!

    In general, when talking with employers - we discuss the potential savings of dpc as:

    - unlimited visits and no-copays = happy employees and their families
    - phone calls, text messages and email visits = happy employees and their families
    - fewer sick days, more productive workers, etc
    - wholesale savings of medicines, labs, imaging, pathology - speaks for itself but is more objective - they can usually look back and see how much they paid for meds/labs last year on their insurance reports = clear savings
    - attached an example of our prices vs retail for savings (old file, pricing)
    - dpc reduces ER, Urgent care visits
    - decreases specialty referrals - rubicon has data to show 30-40% of specialty referrals are unnecessary (usually b/c of rushed docs)
    - DPC docs don't submit claims: no claims on the insurance = no rate up for the next year based on illness :)
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