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Show Rx's not faxed or printed in the open Rx screen

Can you add a second section under the open prescriptions window to show any that have not been faxed or printed not just in the in house ones?


  • I do not dispense and it does seem to put those unfaxed/printed scripts into that section.
  • That's correct, it should be displaying the unprinted/on faxed prescriptions in the open prescriptions section. If you are not saying that than please send support a screenshot or example that we can research further. Thanks, Josh
  • Let me see if I can recreate it. I noticed it when I put in a prescription to send to the pharmacy one evening. The next morning when I got to the office to print it, it didn't show up in the open rx window. I had to pull up the patient to see it. My wife/RN has commented many times she has noticed it when she is doing our weekly med refills.
  • Just confirmed it did not show up. I'll email screen shots to support.
  • Hi Hitchcock_MD, screen shots and rx details will be very helpful in tracking down the bug! Thanks!

    -Atlas.md Support
  • I sent some screen shots. It's 100% for me. Any rx that can't be dispensed in house will not show up on the open Rx screen. I've tried it a few times today.
  • Yes I definitely have this issue also. Unfaxed/unprinted rx's DO NOT show up in the open rx section,
  • Hi Everybody, this request is queued for development, but we don't have an ETA yet. Stay tuned to feature release emails for more info!

    -Atlas.md Support
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