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Repeat cancellations/enrollments

Just have a question that is a hypothetical situation I came up with when thinking through possible issues I might run into when my practice gets off the ground. Wanted to see if anyone had run into this situation happening or not.

I would see this as more likely for younger and healthier patients who may not want to pay if they are not actively using the service. So if a patient signs up for a membership, addresses some medical issues, sees you a couple times, you get their concerns addressed, then they cancel the membership. A couple months down the road they have some new medical issues, sign up again for a membership, get the issues addressed, then cancel.

Has anyone had this happen? If so, how do you deal with this issue?


  • I charge a $350 re-enrollment fee to prevent this very thing.
  • What are the terms of this? If you cancel and re-enroll in a certain time frame?
  • It is if a patient cancels and attempts to re-enroll at any time. It is waiver-able by me if I so choice. It is a financial incentive to prevent folks from signing up for a month when they have an acute medical issue, paying $75 dollars, then quitting until they have another acute issue. It is significantly cheaper than an urgent care doing that for them. There needs to be some type of financial stick to keep them enrolled. I can always choose to not let them re-enroll as well. Eventually, being at max capacity will also be a deterrent.
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