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Macro requests

What about [date], [date/time], #date macros to insert the current date and time into notes.


  • Hi Eric, good question. The note is already time/date stamped. Is there a reason you're thinking about for having inside of the note?
  • I have an excuse from work/school note macro that I use. I'd like it to automatically put in the date at the top of the note. I already have it importing the patients name.
  • Nevermind. I just saw that the date is automatically inserted to the right side and at the top on the header.
  • #insert repeat blood pressure. This would insert the repeat blood pressure in the note. I recheck a lot of blood pressures and record them under objective.
  • #age or [age]. #sex or [sex]. I like to do certain notes that starts with "This is a 50 year old female that presents with.…" With macros inside macros I'd like to put this in some of my macros to auto fill the age and gender automatically.
  • Yes I like that. Also, different arm blood pressure
  • #age and #DOB and #patientaddress (or something shorter) would be immensely useful. Especially for letters to agencies!
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