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cash paying patients

How have others handled cash paying patients? My contract says they must pay by automatic draft of bank card or PayPal. However, I run into some patients who don't have any of these. I have allowed them to pay in cash. The problem I've encountered is getting them to pay the next month's fee. I have decided to require 3 months payment at a time for cash paying and/or check only paying patients with no bank card or PayPal but these are often the very patients who can't afford the 3 months at a time. I'm just struggling with this as I hate confrontation and presently am doing most of this on my own.


  • Hi Dana, in my experience, cash paying patients are the least reliable for the monthly membership. Our rule is that they have to pay for 3 months of service, ie $150 at the time of service, and stay ahead to continue the membership.
  • Thank you. Glad it's not just me having that issue!
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