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Overcoming the insurance objection

One of the things that I'm encountering is that prospective new patients keep saying, "But I still have to have insurance, so why should I sign up with you?" Anyone have a short, sweet comeback for that until we can get Obama Care repealed and that requirement off the books?


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    I usually tell them they can have all the insurance in the world, but if they don't have access to their doctor and the actual CARE itself, then they really don't have much of anything. I give them a scenario, like, you cut yourself at 8 pm, you call me on my cell, I get you into the clinic, sew you up, send you home, you never had to wait in the ER and you saved $2000 which pays me for the next 3 years. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't but if they aren't getting it, I just wish them well and move on. :)
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