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Updated terms and conditions

Hi! If we tweak our Terms and Conditions and need all 500+ of our patients to sign off on the updated version... how do we do that? Is there an easy way to do that in ATLAS?


  • You would have to talk with the lawyers, but a mass email would likely do.
  • Yeah, i'll double check with our legal team
  • So to summarize the lawyer's thoughts: it depends. :) If the scope of the changes in terms/conditions is not substantive (ie not material changes in the agreement) then you're ok with email. If they ARE substantive changes, then you'll probably want an email and an electronic signature (or paper) per household. Also they recommended giving a 30 day notice of change in the terms/conditions. PLUS the patient must be allowed to cancel the agreement if the don't like/agree to the changes -- BUT this shouldn't be a problem for most doctors b/c our default dpc contract allows the patients to cancel at anytime with 30 days anyways.
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