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Duplicate patient

I needed patient to make an account before I could prescribe him Rx. they didnt complete their family account in time before i saw them in person, so i had the patient make one just for him at the apppointment. Is there a way to merge the two into one without messing up the billing side?

On the single account, they used ACH and on the family one they had CC in it. I want to delete the single one and have the family profile as the main (it was more complete med history). I would hate to have to verify the bank twice for same family. I know about the head of household thing, so I tried to change it to the family one, but it won't use the ACH to bill.



  • I wonder if Support at Atlas has a way to merge patient records.
  • Hi BonesMD98,

    Unfortunately there's no way to merge the accounts as Hitchcock_MD suggested due to privacy concerns, HIPPA, etc. So the only way to transfer the information is manually, and then it's best to archive the copy of the chart that you're not using. If you're still stuck feel free to email support@atlas.md and we can take a look for you.

    -Atlas.md Support
  • The only thing needed from the first quickly made file was the ACH payment, I wished there was a way to transfer that to the better, more complete file without having to go through the bank account verification again. but it appears there is no way to accomplish that.
  • Thats correct, when it comes to the financial data, we're very limited (for security reasons) about moving that information around. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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