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Vaccine Documentation - Pediatrics

edited February 2017 in Feature Requests
Is there a better way to both enter pediatric vaccine history and to trigger an alert that they're due for vaccines? I've currently had to "add another" then list the name of the vaccine and in the "date" box add the different dates separated by commas. The data-entry nerd side of me doesn't like this format and it seems it would create data-retrieval problems for any data interpretations.

Is there a more graceful way to do this?


  • The only way I've found to trigger alerts is to set a task for that patient. This is not ideal, but I can find no other way to remind myself of things that will fall due (e.g. diabetic eye exam reminder, annual flu shot, mammogram). It's cumbersome, I admit. If you know of a better way do please let me know.
  • Hello DrElise & Dr_Edwards,

    A full immunization schedule system is on our roadmap, but we don't have an ETA on it yet. Thanks for your suggestions, and keep them coming!

    -Atlas.md Support
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