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Louisiana blocking faxed prescription

Louisiana pharmacies are now requiring a handwritten signature on any (not just controlled) prescriptions that are faxed! This is a major pain in the butt! So I have to actually print out and manually sign and fax any prescription making Atlas not so wonderful on the prescription side anymore especially for phone faxing remotely :( Anybody else having this problem? Any solutions? Obviously I'll contact the Board of Pharmacy about my problems.

I found this newsletter detailing this. Apparently it was halted previously and went back into effect January 1. https://nabp.pharmacy/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/LA072015.pdf


  • That is interesting, and frustrating. I'm guessing the scanned handwritten signature is not enough. By the letter of the law, that is a handwritten signature.
  • I would recommend calling the state board of healing arts and asking them what the 'official rules' are. Because we have other doctors in LA that are not having this same problem...
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