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So--It has been drummed into me for 20+ years that nothing gets "filed" in a chart without my initials, to ensure that I (as doc) have seen every result (medico-legally). So, how do I do that? How does the program track that I saw a result? haven't had any quest labs file directly into Atlas yet so not sure how that will look, but have figured out how to have staff adding attachments from the fax folder on her computer directly into the files inbox then assign to pt. How would she alert me of something to review? (In past everything is printed out, I initial and then is filed in my versatile paper chart!)


  • Having them create a task for you under that patient when they add something would be one way. You receive an email when a new result from quest comes in. I think the email goes to the ordering provider. I'm solo (no office staff) so it isn't a huge issue for me here.
  • yeah, for now the task feature would be best, we're working on some other features, like @mentions that might make it easier to notify staff/docs when something needs their attention. Also, you always have the #sig macro to add your "signature" if that helps with your workflow. And on labs, the doctor should be getting an email about all lab results so that is one way to catch the results.
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