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Pharmacy Faxing

Just this week I've noticed that when I go to fax prescriptions to the pharmacy, the list of pharmacies when I go to search is no longer arranged by geographic proximity to my office. What I mean is when I search for CVS, instead of giving me the local CVS locations, I get ones in neighboring states.

Has anyone else had trouble with this?


  • noticing difficulties too--lots of pharmacies from Utah popping up (I'm in California!) but I can't search for pharmacies in neighboring cities
  • sorry about that - surprisingly we can't purchase a national database of pharmacy info, but we can grab that by zip codes, just email support@atls.md which zip codes you'd like us to upload and we can do that for you in a day or two.
  • Lots of weird things show up when I try to search for a pharmacy, just fyi, like pediatric practices, PT offices, law offices and things I just don't know what they are! Utah and Colorado are the favorite states that show up. When I go to "manage pharmacies" there are 2982 "pages" ending in Fairbanks, AK
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    Hi Debbie,

    We'd love to hear more about this issue with the pharmacies. We're going to send you an email from support, feel free to get back to us at your convenience!

    -Atlas.md Support
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